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Designers, planners, artists and other community member creatives across the country and throughout the world are responding in word, sound and image to novel coronavirus and its impacts on cities. Documenting and responding to the current COVID landscape through our senses hones observational skills, offers coping strategies, proffers solutions, and provides a vital record of our individual and shared experiences.

As part of our efforts to spark conversation and provide a broader platform for participation, we invite submissions of visual and audio work as a complement to our symposium exploring issues of urban mobility, sociability, politics, density and ecology. Submissions will be posted on our virtual gallery and provide another avenue for an ongoing and collective call and response.

In an image, short video or audio file, share your own experiences, document those of your community, connect your observations to current or historical scholarship, and/or propose/imagine life after/as a result of COVID-19. Additional questions that might inspire you: What is your relationship to COVID? What has or will the pandemic change? What remains the same? How does or will urban infrastructure perform or function under duress? What is infrastructural resilience? Personal resilience? How can a crisis inspire hope and innovation? What lessons for planning and design do we learn from history? How are we doing now? What do we take forward into the future?


Submissions will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.


Please provide a short description (100 words max) of your submission. Include observations, inspirations, locations (of photographs and/or your own POV), scholarly references, critiques, and/or creative written work such as poetry, short story, etc.

File Formatting

Submit Your Work

Submissions should be single files (photo, drawing, collage, poster, comics), PNG of JPG format, no larger than 1200 x 900 pixels and saved in sRGB color mode. Title or caption should be included separately (see below).

Submissions should be MP3 files, no longer than 3 minutes or larger than 3MB.

Submissions should be H.264 video codec MP4 files (1280×720, or 720p) no longer than 3 minutes, no less than 200 KB (min) and no larger than 500 MB (max). Follow Vimeo guidelines for video compression and uploads if in doubt.

File Labeling

All files should follow the label convention of Last Name_Title_Date


No third party copyrighted materials are permitted. All images and music must be original or fair use materials unless express permission has been granted.